History of Oasis Foundation

Oasis Central Foundation was registered in 2020.

The need for establishing the foundation had been a long thought and a dream to better the situation of the Muslim community in Finland. However regardless of the multiple efforts, only after Islam-Expo at 2013 in Helsinki, Finland gave the strength and a push that was highly needed to continue the work for the establishment of the foundation.

Our values

Our values are based upon humanity, equality, justice, acceptance and respect.

Our mission

Our mission is to develop and support the equality and cooperation between different population groups and to direct people to the existing services provided from the country and create services that are not provided by the country.

Our vision

Our vision is to have a society where people have equal opportunities and rights, as well as obligations to act in the society, regardless of nationality, religion, belief, ethnicity or other background. Our visions are based on Islamic values.


Activities of the Oasis Central Foundation are following the guidelines of the aims and objectives and the main aim is to build the trust within the Muslim community and plan the activities to support the well being of the Muslim community in Finland and to become a productive part of the Finnish community.

Cooperation partners in Finland

The Finnish Muslim Forum (www.muslimifoorumi.fi)

Oasis Central Foundation is an establishing member of the Finnish Muslim Forum which consists of 11 membership organizations and 20 other members, including the Islamic Council of Finland (26 members). The Finnish Muslim Forum is established to support the development of the Muslim Community and to bring Muslims under one umbrella.

Amal ry (www.amalry.fi)

Oasis Central Foundation has close cooperation with Amal ry. in different sectors. We work together in training programs and educating the authorities about religiously conscious work approach to support the clients with different background.

The National Forum for Cooperation of Religions in Finland (CORE) (www.uskot.fi)

Oasis Central Foundation supports the participation of the Muslim Community to the CORE – forum.


International conference:

Finland is commemorating 100 years of freedom of religions act in Finland in year 2023. Oasis Central Foundation plans to hold an international conference.

Aim of the conference is to bring out knowledge about Islamic values and to reduce Islamophobia, especially from the mind of authorities and politicians. It promotes the Finnish society to understand the importance why saving the religious freedom and supporting the Muslim community helps Muslims to become productive part of the society.

Invitations will be sent to distinguished Muslim speakers, authorities, researchers and experts.

Mosque project:

Oasis Central Foundation have an active plan for establishing a mosque in Helsinki already. Further discussions and implementations will be held within the Muslim community in Finland in sha’ Allah.